Gold Cup Stallions

These are the Gold Cup Stallions. Any registered Gypsy Vanner mare can be nominated the year she is bred to a Gold Cup Stallion, so that the resulting foal is eligible to participate in the Gold Cup Gypsy Vanner Futurity Program. You can nominate your stallion that is registered in the GVHS regular Gypsy Vanner studbook anytime once he is 3 years old.

Birthday Boy King (aka BB King)
Sire:  The Gypsy King
Dam:  Shampoo Girl
Reg# GV00044F1
Owner:  Gypsy Gold
Reg# GV00126F
Sire:  Bob The Blagdon
Dam:  The Blue Blagdon Mare
Owner:  Old Mill Farm
Reg# GV00157F
Sire:  The Roadsweeper UK
Dam:  Old Mother Riley
Owner:   El Brio Vanner
Clononeen Fionn mac Cumhaill
Reg# GV00129F
Sire:  Paddy Horse
Dam:  Foundation Mare
Clononeen Mull of Kintyre (aka Romeo)
Reg #GV01012F
Sire:  Shambo
Dam:  Daughter of The Lob
Owner:  Villa Vanners
Reg# GV01080F
Sire:  The Lob
Dam:  Banks Mare
Owner:  George Farlow
Latcho Drom
Reg# GV00049F
Owner:  Gypsy Gold
Latcho Drom’s Caymus
Reg# GV00222F1
Sire:  Latcho Drom
Dam:  Shampoo Girl
Owner:  Gypsy Gold
Mickey Finn
Reg# GV00596F1
Sire:  Drumshambo
Dam:  Shona
Reg# GV00263F
Sire:  SD Chief
Dam:  Johnny Conners Mare
Mr. Bikers Conners N’Co
Reg#  GV00805F
Sire:  Young Henry Conners
Dam:  Mickey Conners Good Heavy Mare
Romany King
Reg#  GV00055F
Sire:  The Old Horse of Wales
Dam:  The Worcester Mare
Reg# GV00147F
Owner:  Old Mill Farm
Reg# GV00255F
Sire:  The Bishop
Dam:  Tilly
Reg# GV00557F
Owner:  Villa Vanners
The Gypsy King
Reg# GV00012F
Sire:  The Smiling Horse
Dam:  The Walking Bank
Owner:  Gypsy Gold
The Headliner
Reg# GV00171F
Sire:  Bob The Blagdon
Dam:  Hairy Mary
Owner:  Rita Ostrom
Reg# GV00597F1
Sire:  Slainte
Dam:  Aoife
Owner:  Annette Bonnert
Reg#  GV00102F1
Sire:  Cushti Bok
Dam:  Crown Darby
Vintage Vanners Bommarito
Reg#  GV00097F1
Sire:  The Gypsy King
Dam:  Papuza
VV Deja Blue
Reg# GV01270F2
Sire:  Vintage Vanners Bommarito
Dam:  Vintage Vanners Treana
GG Starbuck
Sire:  Latcho Drom
Dam:  Kuchi
Owner:  Linda Tweedie
GVR ER’s Pilot By Latcho
Sire:  Latcho Drom
Dam:  Equirace Gypsy
Owner:  Linda Pepple
Latcho’s Banner
Sire:  Latcho Drom
Dam:  Equirace Gypsy
Pearlie KingGV01922F1Sire:  Latcho DromDam:  Chauvani

Owner:  Stillwater Farm

Silky Boy Jr

WHR Silky Boy Jr.


Sire:  Silky Boy

Dam:  Beauty

    Owner:  Jodi Cronauer

 WCF King of Hearts  WCF King of Hearts


Sire:  Romany King

Dam:  Jasmine

Owner:  King’s Symbol